Skynet Creator Arrested

Skynet is a botnet based on the ZeuS Trojan that has been used to steal more than $945,000 worth of Bitcoins. German police have three people in custody for being involved with the malware. Although the Germans are not offering details, one of the detainees is believed to be the actual author of Skynet.

The malware creator received notoriety after gaining attention in a Reddit post detailing his criminal botnet empire.

Skynet launches DDOS attacks, mines Bitcoins and steals banking information.

It was reported the day prior to the arrests that the Skynet author was creating a new version of the malware. This new version would include a boot kit allowing the Botnet to start before antivirus software starts. Since the arrest no new updates to Skynet have been posted. Although a Twitter posting from the authors feed went out claiming German authorities arrested the wrong man. The post states

You have the wrong guy. Use this tweet as evidence to do the right thing and release him.

German authorities are saying the is a fake. Claiming it was posted either automatically or by an accomplice.

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