Loverspy Creator Makes FBI Most wanted

The FBI alleges that Carlos Enrique Perez-Melara is the creator of a spyware called “Loverspy”. The offense occurred in 2005. This week he was added to the FBI Cyber’s Most Wanted List. Perez was placed on the list because the FBI have been unable to track him down.


Loverspy was advertised as software that can catch a cheating lover for only $89. An e-card sent to the target contained a keylogger. The keylogger would send all of the victim’s computer activity and keystrokes to the buyer of the software. The buyer also had the ability to gain backdoor access to the victim’s computer.

Perez himself did not receive any of the information gleaned by his creation. The information was transmitted only to the buyers. Loverspy was purchased by almost 1000 people. For facilitating this hacking Perez faces 175 years in prison and over $8.5 million in fines.

What makes Perez’s inclusion on the FBI Cyber’s Most Wanted List so noteworthy is that he made less than $90,000, and created a product that victimized less than 1000 people. While this is criminal activity worthy of prison, everyone else on the list victimized hundreds of thousands of people, made tens of millions of dollars and even caused deaths.

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