FBI Warns Of New Malware

The FBI is warning people of a new type of malware known as Beta Bot. Cyber criminals are using Beta Bot to target financial institutions, e-commerce sites, online payment platforms, and social networking sites to steal sensitive data such as log-in credentials and financial information. Beta Bot blocks computer users’ access to security websites and disables anti-virus programs.

Beta Bot will display an official looking Microsoft Windows message box titled “User Account Control” that requests permission for the “Windows Command Processor” to modify the computer settings. Clicking the yes button will allow the criminals to extract data from the infected computer. Beta Bot is spread by USB thumb drives or online via Skype, where it redirects the user to compromised websites.


While Beta Box conceals itself as the “User Account Control” message box, in the background it modifies the user’s computer. If the above pop-up message or a similar prompt appears on your computer spontaneously, do not authorize “Windows Command Processor” to make any changes.

Steps to rid your computer of this Malware include running a full system scan with up-to-date anti-virus software on the infected computer. If Beta Bot blocks access to security sites, download the latest anti-virus updates or a whole new anti-virus program onto an uninfected computer, save it to a USB drive and load and run it on the infected computer. When you finish be sure re-format the USB drive to remove any traces of the malware.

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