Will Brazil’s Email Go Secure

Following unconfirmed reports that that the NSA spied on Brazilian President Rousseff, Brazilian oil company Petroba and Brazil’s citizens by intercepting billions of emails and calls in Brazil, President Rousseff announce Brazil will create a secure mail service.

While Germany’s email service GMX did this for similar reasons they proved the system is not foolproof. Germany required the servers be located inside German borders, that all traffic passing to and from the servers be encrypted and only German police and intelligence be granted access. As it turns out the threat is not from cyber-attacks or malware. Business today is global, so once the email leaves the nation’s borders to servers in other countries it will be unencrypted on those servers. In addition social networks for individuals, which companies and governments participate in, are also global. Since Brazil will not have any sway over data leaving it’s country the effort will prove to have the same failings as Germany’s.

President Rouseff told the United Nations that “without respect for a nation’s sovereignty, there is no bias for proper relations among nations. Those who want a strategic partnership cannot possibly allow recruiting and illegal action to go on as if they were an ordinary practice.” 

On her Twitter feed President Rousseff announced Brazil will host an international summit on internet security in 2014.

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