Indonesia Top Source For Internet Attacks

Akamai released its State of the Internet report for the second quarter of 2013. Being the largest content distribution company in the world Akamai has an internet presence throughout the world. As part of their efforts to constantly improve service Akamai has monitoring agents throughout their network.

One of the things Akamai’s monitors report on is the source and type of malicous traffic. This quarter the report showed such a marked growth in malicous traffic coming out of Indonesia, they have displaced China as the top source for internet attacks.

According to Akamai’s State of the Internet report the top 10 sources for malicous internet traffic by nation are:

  1. Indonesia 38%
  2. China 33%
  3. United States 6.9%
  4. Taiwan 2.5%
  5. Turkey 2.4%
  6. India 2.0%
  7. Russia 1.7%
  8. Brazil 1.4%
  9. Romania 1.0%
  10. South Korea 0.9%

The amount of U.S. based attacks is down from 8.3% last quarter. It’s nice not to be number one at somethings.

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