FBI Arrests “Sextortionist” For Blackmailing Miss Teen USA

In my book “HOW TO BE SAFE AND ENJOY: NETWORK SECURITY FOR THE HOME AND SMALL BUSINESS”.  I wrote about the privacy violation of Miss Cassidy Wolf. The FBI reported making an arrest on this case.

Prior to being crowned Miss Teen USA 2013 Miss Wolf’s privacy was severely compromised by a cyber-criminal. Miss Wolf bravely revealed that she was illegally photographed in her room by a criminal who took control of her webcam after breaking in to her computer. The criminal tried to blackmail her threatening to leak the photos unless she provided more nude photos. Miss Wolf reported this violation to the authorities sparking a federal investigation. Since then she has very admirable been telling her story in the news and at high schools hoping to prevent others from becoming victims.

The FBI arrested 19 year old Jared James Abrahams from California, They are charging him with extortion. According to the FBI Abrahams “admitted to infecting people’s computers with malware; watching his victims change their clothes; and using photographs against his victims”.

The FBI alleges Abrahams installed malware that allowed him to record video and pictures of women in the U.S., Canada, Russia, Ireland and Moldova.

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