Spammers Impersonate The FBI

In a press release today through the Internet Crime Complaint Center the FBI warned that internet fraud schemes continue to send spam email using the names and titles of FBI officials. Targets receive emails informing them they have received large sums of money. The schemes vary but the method has not changed. The most recent attack uses the name of the new FBI Director James B. Comey. Some emails claim they are sent from the alleged “Anti-Terrorist & Monetary Crimes Division” of the FBI.

The emails require the target to send money for various reasons.

The FBI warns people not to respond. These e-mails are a hoax. People should also know government agencies nor government officials send unsolicited e-mail to members of the public. United States government agencies use the legal process to contact individuals.

The public should not respond to unsolicited emails claiming to be from any government agency or government official. Do not click on links appearing in these emails as they are likely to contain some form of malicious software designed to infect your computer.

If you have received or do receive any unsolicited email from the FBI or any United States government agency or official do not respond to the email. You should instead file a complaint at

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