Beware of Android iMessage Chat

Daniel Zweigart, a third party app developer, created iMessage Chat for Android that is available on Google Play. This app allows Android users the ability to use Apple’s proprietary messaging service iMessage by impersonating a Mac Mini.

The app does not connect directly to Apple’s servers, but instead processes its traffic through a server located in China. With all of the news about cyber-attacks and identity theft coming from China this is cause for concern.

To use Zweigart’s iMessage Chat you must sign in with your Apple ID and password this is a great source of concern. Apple warns against providing your AppleID and password to any third party.

In addition to not creating a direct connection to Apple servers’ the app has the ability to download additional APK code without the user’s knowledge.

This gives rise to several questions. Once he has collected a significant number of Apple store logins what will he do with them? Will he use the stealth download feature of his app to infect phones with malware?

Of course this could all be Apple having concerns of losing market share.

Daniel Zweigart may or may not have dubious designs for his app iMessage chat. However, we do know he is gathering Apple store logins and processing all the data on a server in China. Users are advised to avoid using the app until more details about it are known and foul play is ruled out.

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